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Default New stats

I've taken these new stats, and edited the original post: I had missed 4 winners (!) by Connors.

Note: I’m missing two points on Newk’s serve at love-3 in the second set; I gave him 1 point won on first serve and 1 lost on second. I’m also missing a serve by Connors at 3-4 in the fourth set, on a point that he lost; I gave him a first serve.

Newcombe won 140 points overall, Connors 135.


Newcombe won 80% of points started on first serve (67/84) and 45% on second (23/51).

Connors won 64% on first (63/99) and 66% on second (27/41).

So Newk's success on first serve is just slightly higher than the 79% that Tanner had in the '79 Wimbledon final (Borg reached 89% against Connors in a straight-set blowout at the '79W).

One of the impressive things about Connors in this match is how well he played on second serve, sometimes staying back and gaining the initiative (the announcers remarked how confident he was staying back on second serves) and sometimes coming in behind it and volleying; it was rarely a clean winner but he usually knew how to get the last shot in.

Newk on the other hand, had less to back up the second serve and was doing the right thing always coming in behind it (the announcers said that he was hitting it remarkably hard, enough to expect a few doubles), but it meant that he was going directly against Connors' return. Newk's first serve always put him in charge of the point, particularly the wide serve to Connors' BH; his second usually resulted in an exchange that Connors often won with a clean pass or forcing shot.

Newcombe served at 62.2%, making 84 of 135 first serves.
Connors served at 70.7%, making 99 of 140 first serves.

Newk by set:

21/34 - 62%
15/27 - 56%
18/29 - 62%
30/45 - 67%

Connors by set:

29/42 - 69%
17/28 - 61%
25/32 - 78%
28/38 - 74%

Newcombe made his last 12 first serves of the match, including all 8 in the tiebreak.

Connors missed just one serve in the tiebreak himself (and won the point).

Newcombe converted 4 of 8 break points, Connors 3 of 10.

Newcombe made his first serve on 5 of 10 break points. He was broken once on first serve and twice on second.

Connors made his first serve on 7 of 8 break points. All four times he was broken it was on first serve.

Newcombe drew 27 return errors, Connors 35. Out of all those serves I gave Newk 4 service winners, Jimmy 7.

Newcombe drew 8 of 27 return errors with second serves, Connors 9 of 35.

Connors drew a lot of return errors here, comparable to the number he drew in a match of similar length against McEnroe at Wimbledon in 1980. He often drew errors from Newcombe’s BH return.


Just extra info I got.

Newcombe's winners by set: 7, 4, 11, 13
Connors' winners by set: 9, 12, 9, 14

Newcombe made 8 return winners (5 BH’s). Only one return, a FH, knocked off a second serve. All the returns were passes. In addition Newk made 1 passing shot from each wing, and a FH lob winner.

Connors made 8 return winners (7 BH’s). All the returns were off second serves except for 2 BH’s. And all the returns were passes. In addition Connors made 6 passing shots (5 BH) and 1 BH lob winner.

ERRORS (forced and unforced)

Subtracting the clean winners and aces from the total points won:

Newcombe made 87 total errors (forced and unforced). I counted 35 return errors and 7 double-faults by Newcombe, so that leaves him making 45 errors in points that had at least a successful return, that is, in rallies.

Connors made 88 total errors (forced and unforced). I counted 27 return errors and 1 double-fault (intentional) by Connors, so he made 60 errors in rallies.

Since their total errors were nearly equal, and Connors was ahead by 9 non-service winners, Newcombe pulled ahead overall with his aces.

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