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Your clips of this match on Youtube kros -- is perhaps IMO the best highlight-reels of tennis that exist on the net. A perfect compilation of unfathomable tennis all the while catching the lovely atmosphere of "old" Kooyong and maintaining every beat and fascinating telling detail. Absolute pro work on one of the GOAT-matches.

Swedes love old Kooyong grass -- Wilander speaks highly of it, loves it he says, Edberg too, Nyström, Pernfors you name them. Swedes love super hot weather. It's paradise for us since we live in such a dark, cold, drab environment ourselves for 10 months of the year. Too bad the Swedes lost the two fantastic DC-finals there at Kooyong -- though it really didn't matter in the end because those bouts were great and Pat Cash was just golden at crunch-time in both battles...

I loved watching these finals -- starting here in Sweden at 2 AM on the December 26th. Sitting there watching in the middle of the night, seeing the thick white snow glistening everywhere outside the murky windows and this glowing TV-screen showing spectacular tennis in a colorful, sun-baked paradise half a world away. Irresistible!

Wow what a match Newk makes here. Yeah! His BH was supposed to be his weakest shot but he just slams them over and over here for clean winners. Look at that set point in Connors serve in third -- whammm!

Newk was untouchable here. A General. Fourth Degree. And he mixes it up so beautifully too. Really slicing and dicing Jimbo only to whack a cannonball for good measure once in a while. He really paved the way here, on New Years Day (!), for the way to beat Jimbo -- if you were good enough to pull it off as supremely as Newk does here.

Simply in awe of Newk...

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