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Originally Posted by krosero View Post
I remember putting in some hard work on that 3-part clip but I never really knew it was making such an impression. What I see in my clips is not often the final result as fresh eyes would see it; I mostly remember the steps in putting it together. So, you're welcome.

Pat Cash is also one of my favorite players. We seem to be on the same wavelength because the Pernfors match was the next match I was going back to, for the service stats. I didn't see it until a year ago when I counted the winners, but I had always wondered about it. Fantastic match.
Yes, it surely was. Instant classic. Pernfors career best. He's just a champion in the first two sets making EVERYBODY believe that it's over and then the lion awoke that was Pat Cash -- ferocious, sparks flying and Cash just getting better and better and better -- whammm! He wins!

The Swedes cheered this too like you wouldn't believe. Such fantastic skill and fightning spirit is irresistable. It was crystal clear by everyone when the smoke cleared that as great as Pernfors played -- Cash was the greater, the better player -- just in the zone -- doing honor to the great Australians that we all will never forget...

And he just whacked Nyström in 1983 too -- fantastic grass-court play! Hats off -- and under such pressure too...

And yes, kros, I think your work and your posts here are incredible. You have such amazing insight, do such a university-class precision-like work here on this site that I wonder if I must pay you somehow. What newspaper/magazine offer such in-depth high-quality re-evaluation work so consistently I wonder ironically?!

And yes your Youtube work is sensational. Make no mistake about that. I actually sneaked on your stuff before i did my own posts -- going similar for crucial points, character, fairness, atmosphere, beats and so forth...

My only serious complaints are the AKAI-posts which I rushed in editing and picture enhancing... It took ages and I wanted to get them out as soon as possible and time was short...

I basically stole ideas and tried to improve smoothness...

My only problem with you kros, and its a biggie, you must post more videos!!! Your making my day brighter by your work and presence! Please keep it up if you can! And do more...
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