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I capped a Tfight 325. It looked so much like a prestige I thought for sure it was identical. It turns out its close but not identical. The Tfight has a section of special grommets near the sweet spot that are a little smaller and require some reaming and grommet sanding to fit properly. I still thought they were the same, then I got to the top and between 6H and 7H there was a larger gap that could not be spanned without cutting the caps to allow an extra 1/8" of space. There's also a problem of the tie-off holes not being the same so the string pattern has to accomodate an adjusted tie-off. It took me about 3-4 hours to make them fit and string it. In the end I wonderered why in the world I had wasted my time, other than to have the pivilage of writing this paragraph.
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