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I just spoke with a local player who is competing in Mercedes Cup pre-qualifying, and he mentioned that he's hit with Roddick's racquet, and that it is close to 16 ounces. I think this is an exaggeration, because this guy uses a weighted-up Babolat Pure Control that's pretty heavy, but he has no idea what his own frame weighs, so I know he did not weigh Roddick's racquet, but rather just did a "pick-up" test on it. He also stated that Roddick's racquets weigh as much as Taylor Dent's Wilson Pro Staff "ROK." I'd be shocked if Taylor's "ROK" weighed much over 14 ounces, simply because I've hit with one, and it didn't feel much different than my ROK, which I've weighted up to 386 grams. Still, a 14-ounce racquet with the racquet-head speed of a Roddick or Dent would produce an awe-inspiring result.
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