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Thumbs down Trev343 is a scammer!

Trev343 contacted me to trade his APDC for my PDR+
I really didnt care to still trade my pdr+ but looking through some of his posts he seemd like a guy really interested in tennis(he has a video too)and especially for this racquet so I said to myself to do something good and forget my lazyness and send him the racquet.
Afer I sent him the email confirmation with an attachement postal confirmation, he sent me this email:

Originally Posted by HIM
Hi Saul,
Ive been having some issues and I feel like a **** right now.
I left my tennis bag with in my coachs office today with 4 of my racquets in it and clothes, I went to school today to get it and apparently its gone. I really dont know what to tell you, but you will get some stuff from me for your racquet or I will send it back. I have a yonex rds 003 at my house and that is the only racquet I have left. I have 75 dollars also in my paypal account, a PSP I am willing to send you, string, xbox 360 games, anything to make up for this because now I am racquetless besides my yonex rds 003. Please do not be quick to leave me bad feedback because I will make this up to you.
It felt weird but I said to myself:"maybe he's telling the truth,it's about a racquet afterall" so my response to him:
Originally Posted by ME
I am sorry Trevor for your loss,maybe you can found out how the bag misses?The person who do the cleaning might know.Anyway,I will not tell you to send me back the racquet becouse I know you really want it and it\s the first reason I sent it to you.I wanted the APDC just for collection as I like the way Rafa plays,I have rds001 mids wich I play now.I leave to your attitude what you want to send me.Alex.
After he received the racquet I wrote him this mail:
Originally Posted by ME
Hello Trevor,I find a way to pay me the racquet,you said you have those money in a paypal account.I found some habdlebars I need on my bike and I saw you can pay through paypal too.I leave you the link here

Right me and tell me if you can do this for me.Thank you!Alex
he said:
Originally Posted by HIM
dont have the money in the account anymore, but uhm ill lookout for the racquet!
Two days ago I wrote him to send me a straight answer,he didnt responde;he still entered this site.
I dont think he is a specialised scammer,maybe he's superlazy.I erased words and his adress in the mails to not put him in any danger,it's a racquet afterall,I wrote this,that other persons know what to expect when try to do a trade with him.
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