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I really have a problem with getting this unforgettable match out of my mind. It keeps coming back to me what a true sensation this fight was/is.

Great to see that Kooyong got one of the GOAT-finals of the 70s when they had such tough and sad time of attracting top talent to their marvelous championship and paradise-like courts...

And the absolute Greyhound-ability of John Newcombe! That must be, arguably, the absolute No. 1 of endurance tests in Open Era tennis, bar none.

* Just ten days of prep for Newk!

* Six matches in just seven days!

* Three of them -- some of the most grueling, five-setters imaginable being match-points down!

* Taking on and completely outclassing one of the Open Eras most dominant players of a single year. A dramatic, highly entertaining and crystal clear deserved victory by The Lion Called Newk -- filled to the brim with amazing rallies!

* All under the baking hot Aussie-summer!

The only endurance test that compares was IMO Borg's Wimby-win of 1977. Grueling WTT-schedule prep in the spring and early summer and then three of the toughest, classic five-setters against inspired opponents. But Borg had two weeks. And WTT-schedule or not -- it's still way better than just ten days prep which is, lets face it, nothing. No, Newk's Master Victory of Australian Open on New Year's Day 1975 gets IMO the Open Era Gold Medal for greatest endurance.

I knew it already. John Newcombe is a genius...

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