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Now a caveat:

Before you purchase this or a Wise, think of what I have gone through and what I have paid to get to where I am at:
  • Wise - $500
  • Wise pedal - $40
  • Gamma 6004 - 1300
  • Gamma adaptor - $45
  • Gentle Jaws - $44

I originally had my Wise for my previous Eagnas machine. I really like the mounting of the Gamma. In retrospect, I should have bought a Gamma electronic machine. Live and learn. Make your decisions wisely before you make your purchases. I am just telling you what I have gone through. Everything I have is really nice, but I just seem to be adding on. I think and hope that's it.

For people thinking about getting a crank now and add on a Wise later, I would seriously consider just getting a high quality electronic machine to begin with.
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