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Originally Posted by lawlitssoo1n View Post
i drink one of those NAKED juices that come in pints and always sleep with a shirt on and dry my hair before i sleep. i haven't been sick since January!
You just implied that sleeping with a shirt on has prevented you from getting sick. How does that work?

On a related note, I love people that make false connections between their actions and what they feel is a result of their actions. Discussions about sickness always bring up things like this, so I usually try and avoid it with people I know, otherwise I start losing faith in humanity.

ANYWAY. How does sleeping with a shirt on prevent you from getting sick?

As far as the cold contributing to sickness, I don't have much science to go on, but what little I know has lead me to believe that cold does not directly increase your chances of getting sick. What I do know is that cold viruses thrive in DRY climates, which often comes along with the winter and colder weather around here. So maybe wet hair can help?

Also, being cold doesn't help. If you're sitting around freezing and your body is fighting and using energy to maintain body temperature, this decreases the strength of your immune system. How big of a deal this is, I have no idea.
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