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Originally Posted by akybo View Post
He said he got some money into a paypal account(in Romania we cant use paypal).After he received the racquet I told him I will think to a method of payment(I was thinking about WesterUnion).
I was looking for a handlebar for my bike and saw there(on that site) you can pay through paypal and I wrote to him if he can help me with that-I was going to pay the shippment;I needed him only to buy those bars.
Here is he's last post
Ahhh, OK, I understand now.
Originally Posted by Trev343 View Post
I love how all of you people run your mouth without hearing both sides of the story.
1a. Right after all my crap gets stolen I tell him ill send it back, but then he says something along the lines of don't worry about it.
1b. I dont live on this forum, so im sorry if I havnt changed my sig, its usually not my TOP priority.
2. After the incident you told me you wanted me to find the racquet for you used, because its "cheap" down here. Ok didn't find anything because I kinda live in the middle of nowhere.
3. I OFFERED TO SEND HIM MONEY ON PAYPAL after that and then he comes to tell me he can't do that? Well im certainly trying!
4. OK then he wants some handlebars, does he expect money to remain on my papal account when he just told me he cant do it on paypal so I take it out and spend.

Dude heres the bottom line, I intended to send your racquet back, but you said you didn't want it. Then I looked for an APDC for sale, couldnt find any. Then I try to paypal you money, you wouldn't allow it. Then you say you want some handlebars, well im sorry I dont have the money right now. You should have came to me about first instead of doing this.
Im sure I won't be able to do any more transactions anymore on here, but all in all I can simply just make a new account!
So have fun crying buddy.
Wow Trev, way to take the ******-bag approach to all this, I would never, ever trade/buy from/sell to you in a million years. Nice job taking his frame and running with it. In any case, akybo, you should post his name, not just his email, so we know who not to deal with.
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