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Default Please Refrain from Making Jokes ...

Originally Posted by Aldi Patron View Post
Did anybody contact the coach where the bag got stolen?
The only team tennis at Hoke County High is Girls Varsity Tennis. There is no boys tennis. And the Girls Varsity Team's end of season tournament was on October 8, see, long before his deals.

Assuming Trevor was telling the truth (I know, I know), here are some of the possibilities.
  1. He could be referring to a non-tennis coach;
  2. He could be taking lessons somewhere else, say Highland Country Club in Fayetteville;
  3. He might not be attending Hoke County High;
  4. He might assist the Girls Varsity Team coach by hitting with the girls.
I know some of you felt this thread is growing cold as a result of inaction and idle talks. Don't worry, it will warm up again as soon as Trevor claims another victim.
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