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Originally Posted by Jalapeno2006 View Post
I have asked the same question many times. I have heard that leather ways 11g more than a typical synthetic, i have heard it weighs 14 g more, and i have heard that it weighs 16 g more. Though i don't know the specifics on which synthetics and which leather grips these people were using, i imagine that the variation occurs in those factors. Switching to a leather grip, depending on your racquet, can change your balance by as much as 4 pts HL. i have been told. I am about to switch to leather on my LM radical and hope that it does something for feel and balance.
Yep, depends on the weight of the synthetic grip and weight of the leather grip. The total weight also depends on the handle length... and whether you overlap the grip or wrap it so there are ridges. All of that affects weight to some degree.

On my PK Kinetic 5G's the synthetic grips weigh approximately the same as the TW leather grips (1.3mm) I replaced them with. The leather is also a bit thinner... so the handle size decreased by about a half-size or so.
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