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Originally Posted by Nadal_R View Post
I`m using Wilson true grip. My question is: If I get leather grip (Wilson) ,will it increase raquet weight or change balance?
Originally Posted by Gugafan View Post
It will effect both of the paramaters you have mentioned. Adding some weight to the hoop will restore the balance.
Perhaps, the only way to know is to weigh them both.

Before you pull your synthetic grip off... weigh and balance your racquet.

Then, pull off the synthetic grip and re-weigh the racquet.

Next, install the leather grip... re-weight the racquet and check the balance. Then, if you find the balance too far off, try adding a tiny bit of weight at 12'oclock until the balance matches stock.

Don't forget, you'll trim the leather grip when installing it... so it's not accurate to simply weight it right out of the package.

The difference in the racquet's weight (pre and post leather grip) will be the difference of the leather compared to the synthetic.

Report back with your findings!
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