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Originally Posted by Moose Malloy View Post

79 of 135 (59%) for the match


142 of 174 (82%) for the match
With Chang serving 39 more times than Edberg, I think that this is the biggest discrepancy in all the matches for which we've counted total number of serves.

I have no way of systematically searching all our matches for it; I've just looked through our stats and I think it's probably the highest.

I'm not sure anymore, though, that a player's total serves is such a revealing stat, in itself. It's still an important principle whether someone is holding serve easier than his opponent -- announcers still mention it all the time during a match -- but we keep finding winners who have to serve more times than the loser. You probably remember, with Borg and McEnroe the winner almost always had to serve more than the loser.

With Sampras and Agassi that was not the case.

Maybe what really matters more is if someone doesn't merely serve more times, but actually has to face more break points -- and that's the case with Chang. Edberg couldn't convert them.

I noticed that the ATP has a discrepancy of 44 points between Johansson and Roddick in the 2004 USO. Johansson served 162 points, Roddick 118 -- according to the ATP -- but Johansson won the match.

I've been thinking about doing that match, just for the service stats (and the total points: the ATP has Roddick winning 24 more points overall).
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