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Originally Posted by tennisxlsdk View Post
Regarding Zicam, has anyone read about a lawsuit or something in those lines regarding loss of smell/taste with use of Zicam. Think they settled with the people who had this side-effect, so just a precaution.

I bought Zicam cos a friend told me about, just did a google search just to find out more and came across the link. So decided not to take it at all...
Oh, yeah. I had forgotten about the Zicam stories that surfaced about 5-6 years ago. It is possible that this was a hoax perpetrated by way of anecdotal emails. To my knowledge, in the 10+ yrs since Zicam was developed, no scientific studies have ever borne out this cause-effect.

I've been using Zicam for 9 years now with no "ill" effects (pun, shamelessly intended). The FDA considers these products to be GRAS (generally recognized as safe) -- not that I am an ardent fan of the FDA., who investigates rumors, urban legends & apocryphal anecdotes, looked into the story a couple of years back. This is what they has to say about the claims:


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