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Just wondering,

If I set my tension to be at 50 lbs and when I pull the string and the bar is horizontal is it exactly 50 lbs that nice.

If I ratchet it up once more and now the bar is pointing about 5 degrees upward, did I just increase the tension on the string or is the tension still 50lbs?

I am pretty dumb and didn't understand any of the math stuff, but it seems if the bar is pointing up then the tension on the string is higher then what it is set at, otherwise the bar would keep falling. Isn't this the reason when it drops below horizontal you need to keep ractheting it up more and let it drop again until it is horizontal?

Can some tell me if I am right or wrong if the

Bar pointing up means to much tension,

Bar pointing down means to little tension

Bar pointing horizontal means it is just right.

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