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Originally Posted by Richie Rich View Post
i have a new PT630 with LM paintjob. Seems a little lighter than normal PT, even with the calfskin grip. Would that be so the pro's can customize the weight easier?
My son is a former D1 player and has been sponsored by Head for the last 6 years. He first started out playing with an Intelligence Prestige 630 but was soon offered some customized racquets from Head. They sent him an A57 and E57 models to test. Both racquets came straight to our home from the factory without grips, pallets, or butt caps (since I do all of his racquet set up myself). I can verify that these custom racquets from Head are significantly lighter than retail models. It allows for a very wide range of customizing and it really helps me out. When he used the retail Intelligence Prestige 630, there were some unable to be used since the swingweights were too high stock. I was easily able to make the A57 and E57 to his specs since they are so light and there is so much weight to work with.
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