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Originally Posted by Pro_Tour_630 View Post
don't sweat it the reason the MG radical MP has more pop than a 57E is because not only it is stiffer but it is a different mold, it is THICKER by 1mm, the bridge/shoulder is also different.
The E57's and MicroGel Radical 630 TGK231.2 have the same beam width, +-21mm. Believe me, I measure all racquets with a digital micrometer. While the A57 has a 20mm profile. But yes, the MicroGel is more powerful at the same specs, its about the graphite layup. The entire MicroGel line was really an improvement. I felt like the MicroGel Prestige 600 was a great update, equal to that of the Prestige Classic. And the MicroGel 630 was also much better than the previous FlexPoint 630 and Liquid Metal 630's. Really good frames they are coming out with.
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