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Originally Posted by mombops View Post
I've got an RDC (and a Star 3) that I use to use for setting up my sons racquets and keep a log on my computer of all the racquets and set ups we've tried over the years. The A57 we had was a 60 and the E57 is around a 63. After testing both, the E57 was the winner. It played much more crisp and with more feel than the A57. His serving improved with the added stiffness of the E57 compared to the A57.

We've never really changed his set up, except for strings. It ususally required 2-5grams under the CAP grommets, 4-8grams at the sides of the hoop, 2-8grams at the top of the handle, and over 20grams of silicon in the bottom of the handle. His weight is 340g, balance is 31.2cm, and swingweight is 325. This is a great set of numbers for his style of play. Anything heavier was too powerful and hard to get around.

He has since switched to the MicroGel Prestige TGK 231.2 and uses the same set up. Which require 20grams under the non-CAP bumper, 5-10grams at the top of the handle, and over 20grams of silicon at the bottom of the handle.
Did you all ever try the TGK 231.3? It is the MG Radical MP (630) mold with a 16x19 string pattern.
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