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Originally Posted by Pro_Tour_630 View Post
then this statement is not true the beam width at the bridge is clearly different to the naked eye it is a different mold altogether
I'm not one to post on message boards, though I do read them often, but I'm especially not one for message board wars. I never said that they were out of the same mold, only that they had the same beam width. The two molds are completely different. But, the beam widths are virtually identical. Earlier you claimed that the MicroGel Radical 630 was more powerful than the E57 due to the "1mm thicker beam". Well that simply isn't true because the beam widths are the same. If anything, since the MicroGel Radical 630 has a thinner bridge, it should be less powerful in your view.

I don't want to argue, I started posting because I had some insight to offer with these racquets. This is first hand experience with all of these racquets (A57, E57, MicroGels, etc), not assumptions that I make blindly. I actually possess all of these racquets.
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