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Newks was almost like two different resorts for us, during the week there were only 8-12 people, so we got a lot of individual attention. Friday-sun the resort was packed with people from austin and the place really started hopping.

One of the unique things they did at newks was that they put a pro on each court teaching a different skill. You rotated through the courts and worked with each pro. It was a lot of fun and it seemed like they had the right pros teaching the right skills.After tennis, they had music and contests in the lodge. It was a little cheesy but a lot of fun.

If I were to compare the resorts, saddlebrook is a serious place where you work hard and you're likely to improve your tennis the most. Newks is a warm, welcoming place which combines tennis with a great, fun atmosphere. If you haven't been to Newks, I would say its worth the effort to get there. I will say that your experience at all the resorts is somewhat based on the people you meet at the resort. We met a great, great group of people at newks...but maybe that wasn't coincidental as newks reputation may attract the sort of people who align best with what we look for in our friends. At saddlebrook, we met very nice people but they were a little more formal/serious than the folks at newks.

The other point worth making about Newks is that if you like bbq , its striking distance to some of the best bbq in the country in the form of Kruetz Market, Smittys, Blacks and luling city market. I spend 4-5 weekends a year judging bbq contests, so the proximity of these shrines puts newks over the top for me.

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