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Really it depends how good you want to play.
If you have natural correct strokes, happen to be 6'6" and quicker than LebronJames, you can skate along with 15 hours a week practice, then lose to someone who's just plain tougher, quicker, smarter, and can outrun you.
However, if you really want it, and you have the basic natural physical skills, you need to be the fastest you can be, the strongest for playing tennis (NOT heavy weights), have the most endurance to play 3 hour straight at 5.5 level and not tire out, can handle 120 mph balls hit right into your forehand hip, can dig out shoelace high balls and place them in the corners deep and low, hit 70 mph backhand overheads, and place EVERY serve to the forehand, into the body, or to the backhand (first don't need to all go in, just 60%), then you do what it takes to get there. Whatever it takes.
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