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Default Saddlebrook Experience

I have to agree with the OP assessment on SaddleBrook. I have been to two other adult camps / resorts. SB was the best of the three on all counts. First time I went alone, last year my wife went and my son joined the Jr. program.

If I have the time I will go back for my third time to SB in June. I always go in summer since the rates are lower, and I do like the challenge of working out in the heat. I go for 5 days, and by mid-day on day 2 I adjust to the routine. Even though I play and workout on a regular basis, I do try and work a little harder on my cardio, heat exposure, and legs about 4 to 6 weeks before I go.

Also, going off-peak you are in smaller groups, get more attention.

Also, I agree that Howard Moore has to be one of the best in the business when it comes to running such a program.

I agree it is a little costly, especially the food. I get a regular room, get a cooler, and stock up at the local supermarket, and only splurge a few times in the bar/restaurant.
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