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"But if you don't have any facts to counterdict a point, you can't do anything more than say the other side is biased."

Well, if you want to play lawyer... I can tell you that I'm 5th in line to become Pope. Have you any "facts to contradict this"? Just because one cannot prove that something is false doesn't make it true. If you're a lawyer, you ought to know that one cannot prove a negative.

Your lack of objectivity regarding Roddick (I don't call him Andy, because I don't know his favorite color) is just a simply stated fact, Susan. Perceive it as you wish.

Do you honestly believe that you hold no bias in favor of Roddick? Come on, Susan - please don't insult my intelligence. It's not a big deal - but you surely can't deny bias with a straight face. I know not the origin of your bias - whether because he's been nice to you, or you know something wonderful about him that none of us know, or you think he has a cute butt - but your promotion and perpetual defence of him, and therefore the bias, is quite evident.

Insofar as no longer using your name on these boards, I think that's a step in the right direction that everyone should emulate. There are simply too many idiots out there.

Some people certainly hold a clear bias against Roddick - to them, he can do nothing right, and they constantly attack him. Others hold a clear bias for Roddick - to them, he can do no wrong, and they constantly defend him from the previous group.

To me, neither group's contributions are an enjoyable read, as neither is interested in the truth - rather, they're interested only in posting propaganda which serves to support their position, while deliberately ignoring anything which would have the opposite effect.
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