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Originally Posted by Blask View Post
Did you have to pay to valet park your car every time you went out? I heard that was an expensive drawback of Saddlebrook
there is no mandatory cost but you should tip a dollar or two when they bring your car. We only left the resort once to get supplies from the grocery store so it didn't really matter.

Don't expect big changes in your techniquestokes because you tend to do mostly drills to aid your movement and conditioning.

Drilling to technique ratio was about 90/10. As I mentioned in my OP, they took people off my court for privates to work on stroke technique. My wife walked away with a bh slice (she hits a 2hbh) and the two other people on the court came back with much better volleys. I hit a 1hbh with topspin but I never saw anything like my pros ts bh so I asked him to spend some time with me on the technique.

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