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Originally Posted by aldekeuk View Post also has a deal where you can get a free upgrade to a suite if you mention their offer when booking your room (having a full kitchen is great, especially with the grocery store so close by just outside the Saddlebrook grounds).

Originally Posted by Blask
Did you have to pay to valet park your car every time you went out? I heard that was an expensive drawback of Saddlebrook

there is a daily parking charge (think it is $5-10) included in your bill for the parking. but yes, you prob should either tip every time you get your car or just leave one bigger tip when you are checking out (tips are shared among the employees i believe). but the cost is only a couple bucks a day - not a real game changer in terms of the total cost of the great tennis experience Saddlebrook offers.
Thanks for the clarification on this. Tipping is no big deal at all but I had read pervious posts on TW that mentioned absurd pricing for mandatory valet service. I am seriously considering this place for early in 2009. Is there anything for my non tennis playing wife do to while I'm hitting? Pool, spa, shopping, etc?
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