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Originally Posted by Blask View Post
Thanks for the clarification on this. Tipping is no big deal at all but I had read pervious posts on TW that mentioned absurd pricing for mandatory valet service. I am seriously considering this place for early in 2009. Is there anything for my non tennis playing wife do to while I'm hitting? Pool, spa, shopping, etc?
I may have misunderstood your question, you must use the valet parking and they do charge you for it, something like $10/day.

We mostly played tennis, but they have a fitness center, a big, beautiful heated pool, hot tubs, and a spa. Of course, they also have golf if your wife plays. We hit for 5 hours/day, you have the option of hitting for just the morning, it you want to spend more time with your wife. Honestly, I would have found it a little boring if not for the tennis. You might want to consider one of the beach/tennis resorts in fl.

I forgot to mention in my posts that they had a live four piece band on the weekend and they were very, very good. I also forgot to mention that we saw Derek Jeter at breakfast a couple of times.

Also, since it was our anniversary, we checked with the steakhouse in advance and they let us bring a special bottle of wine for a $15 corkage fee. If you choose to do this, I'd call in advance to ensure the wine you're bringing is not on their wine list.

tennisresortsonline does have a current promotion however the resort itself offered two better promotions. I would suggest asking about the resort promotions before mentioning the tennisresortsonline promotion.

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