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The Bistro is empty, so I head to the Stolichnaya bottles. What? The Bistro is out of Stolichnaya, but I notice a few bottles of absinthe. As I start to open one, a walnut and then another hit the back of my head.

"Sorry ILC, I didn't notice you were on the fan. Hi Dedans." It is too dark to see them, but ILC yells down how much money to leave. I pay for six glasses of absinthe and toss two glasses to the fan, which Dedans deftly catches.

When I open my briefcase to take out my International Herald Tribune, I notice the fugu sashimi that I bought from the new street vendor by the train station last night, or maybe the night before. As I unwrap my meal, ILC yells down, "There is complimentary macaroni and cheese. Maybe you should have that instead." She is probably right, so I have the baked cheese pasta and a side of vegetables. I raise one of my absinthe glasses to the ceiling fan and open the IHT.
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