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Originally Posted by tfm1973 View Post
hollywood, PPL, raiden -- please bring any extra sticks you have. i'm still racquetless.

hit last night with PPL's prestige pros. good sticks. still a bit heavy for doubles. but i never hit a harder groundie than with the prestige pro. also hit with some guy's RDS 001 MP. these yonnies are good. actually wouldn't mind switching to these. the paintjob is still incredibly jarring. i figure an asian guy playing tennis with a neon racquet is just way too much yellow. has to be against some law. too bad though cuz the sticks play like a slightly more powerful RDX 500 MP.
I just broke a pair of strings on my Prince Shark MP. I am going to bring three racquets: Prince POG Mid, Prince TT Warrior MP (Severely cracked), Dunlop mfil 200 MP. Not the best selection but hopefully one of the other two has a better stick for you.
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