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Here is my shoe rotation as of now:

The a3 prevails, Breathe free 3s and the 2 beat barricades are just used for misc. wear. I use the 2 beat barricades sometimes during practice, when I don't want to wear my rotation shoes. And i think i am going to throw out a pair today...

Shoes in my real rotation:
2x Cage 2's (Obsidian and the White/Metallic Silver)
2x Barricad 5s ( Customized and the Metallic/Silver)

Other shoes:

2x Barricade 5s (Navy/Yellow treads almost gone) and (Black/Lime Green treads all gone)
1x Adidas a3 Prevail (semi - worn out)
1x Breathe Free 3s (good condition) (not wearing them b/c i prefer the cage 2s over them most of the time)

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