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Bob, you are so ungrateful and... oh, wait. Wrong thread. Sorry.

Bob, you are welcome to come in here anytime, lots of healthy, young man building drinks in the fridge at the open end of the bar (grape juice, orange juice, apple juice, sparkling water, all with no added sugar). If you come in off the court, we'll find some Gatorade for you (but that's not for casual sipping). We don't have Red Bull, its bad stuff. Welcome to the Bistro.

CC, now that the 'purse sellers' have finally cleared the upstairs, how about we convert it into showers and a lounge for the people who actually play tennis around here. I think we can put two showers and a men's area at the east end, two showers and a women's area at the west end, and a common lounge aread with couches, chairs and a big screen in the middle. Would that work?
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