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Originally Posted by Ballinbob View Post
I'm 15, can't drink quite yet, let alone strong drinks lol. I go back to school Monday and if I find a girl I'll try and bust a move I got rejected last time haha, so hopefully it'll be better this time around.

I'll keep you guys posted then
Sounds good man. And as soon as you get rid of that thought of being rejected, the better off you are.

It is just that some people aren't attracted to others. Just like shoes, if you don't like a pair of shoes, or you do like them, and they just don't fit you, it doesn't mean that it is a bad shoe, it just isn't for you.

The good thing about this place is that you have a really broad cross section of cool people, from the younger to the older, guys and gals, and we basically all want to have a good time, and are willing to help each other.

So you can talk to everyone, and people will give you their $.02, and the words of some people will resonate with you, and the words of others, you just wont feel.

Just like being coached in tennis actually. And you will gravitate to those whom you feel think along lines that will help you.

Oh, and if you need a red-bull I have a few stashed in my bag, it is the red Wilson one in the corner.

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