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Originally Posted by supermario343 View Post
the new 1.3 ballistics..the white and blue ones
Oh sweet, I can't wait to see pictures. And don't forget to tell us your opinion on the shoe. And if you can, try to compare them to the Cage 2 and Barricade V, for better or worse. Its hard to imagine Nike coming out with a shoe that weighs more than the Barricade ...

I am still ****ed at Nike for only coming out w/ 5 color schemes for the whole year for the C.B. 1.3's. And even worse, the 5 colorways are all so hard to match with... except for the white/obsidian ones, but I have said before how I don't really like all white shoes because they get dirty too quick and they are too plain.. I pretty much have to choose from Black/Pink, White/Concord Grape and White/Yellow for the C.B. 1.3's this year... So painful.... maybe I'll consider staying w/ my Cage 2's the whole year... even though I would like to upgrade.
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