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Originally Posted by mcutilize View Post
wow dude u were right u do have too much tennis shoes, i have 2 pairs of b5s, 3 wrecked pairs of team all court 3s, 1 pair of wrecked wilson tour 2s, 1 semi wrecked pair of kswiss ultra natural which is really comfortable, 1 pair of propulses which didn't fit. and i think thats it
Haha, I told you im stocked as of now. I am getting rid of my Black/Lime Green B5's and my a3 Prevails. Going to keep my navy/yellow B5's as beaters and my Breathe Free 3 as one of my casual wear shoes.

I am pretty much set until I wear out my cage 2's , then I might go hunting for some 1.3 C.b.'s
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