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Originally Posted by mrmo1115 View Post
Here is my shoe rotation as of now:

The a3 prevails, Breathe free 3s and the 2 beat barricades are just used for misc. wear. I use the 2 beat barricades sometimes during practice, when I don't want to wear my rotation shoes. And i think i am going to throw out a pair today...

Shoes in my real rotation:
2x Cage 2's (Obsidian and the White/Metallic Silver)
2x Barricad 5s ( Customized and the Metallic/Silver)

Other shoes:

2x Barricade 5s (Navy/Yellow treads almost gone) and (Black/Lime Green treads all gone)
1x Adidas a3 Prevail (semi - worn out)
1x Breathe Free 3s (good condition) (not wearing them b/c i prefer the cage 2s over them most of the time)
What size shoe do you wear? Do they have any life left in them? If you are thinking of throwing some shoes out and they aren't completely dead, I'll pay for the shipping costs and take them. I can always use a pair of shoes, even if they are just to hit around with.
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