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Originally Posted by mrmo1115 View Post
I did just get rid of the Lime Green Barricades, I realized that they came out during Jan of 08 , so it's been a year since they came out, I got them way after they released though. The usage on the a3s and BF IIIs are minimal, both wearable for tennis. I had 2 pairs of a3's in my house 1 for my brother, and we decided to get rid of his, since they were extremely small (6.5)

So that leaves me keeping my pair of a3 and Max Breathe Cage III, sometimes I share my bottom rotation with my brother, he has the Shanghai Barricade V's, the All White/Black/Silver Barricade Vs I gave him , and the Obsidian Cage 2s.
Which are the Obsidian Cage IIs?

As long as the shoes have a good amount of outsole left, there is no reason to ditch it.
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