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So I finally met some TW MAC peeps today. I played doubles with TFM, Hollywood, and PrestigeProLover. Turns out I already knew PPL from Combo league and from my captain's practices last spring. It was alot of fun. TFM was killing my second serves and I was struggling to hold serve, but Hollywood and I did pretty good overall. TFM and PPL came off strong in the third set, but we ran out of time.

My groundstrokes were great today, but volleys felt a little off. TFM and Hollywood are pretty solid players. PPL will be a solid player soon, and reminds me alot of myself about 2 years ago. Good potential but just needs to keep grooving the strokes and things will click together. My 3.0 Nationals captain has already got a hold of him. PPL, thanks for the beer. Thanks all for playing.
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