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Originally Posted by tfm1973 View Post
*yawn* morning TWMAC.

raiden -- thanks for setting up the doubles yesterday. great fun. you have some nice strokes. forehand is pretty much automatic and the backhand didn't look like too shabby either. in any other group your serve would probably be top notch but the TWMAC has a ridiculous proportion of big servers like hollywood, pureprestige, JRK, and vitaly. come out to one of our next meets when sup brings his radar gun. it's humbling.

PPL - don't apologize. thought we played pretty well. we really just ran into a better combo. raidenwood or hollyraid just outclassed us. sometimes you just gotta say, too good. let me know next time you go to social friday.
I missed way too many first serves yesterday. At least I didn't double fault that much. My second serve can usually hold me over, but not too well against you. Also you have quite a heater that I'm surprised you didn't use more.

Have you or hollywood been radar'd before? If so, what was your fastest?
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