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Boys...if you talk of kick serves, do not leave Mr. Han out of the conversation, though he hasn't been in lately to say hello.

Vitaly...Randy sprained his ankle in his first match yesterday. He spent all of today hobbling around and refusing to sit down and rest it despite my *encouragement* to do so (not to be confused with nagging!). I have a feeling, despite his macho bravado, that he will not be doing a lot of moving on the court for a while.

I had a long weekend. I had a tournament! Started yesterday out with singles, in the preliminary round robins. There were three of us in my group -> me, a 19 yr old (who I played in the doubles final last time), and a 15 yr old. Ok...*singing*...which one of these things do not belong*???

Both kids were students of Randy's, though I know the 19 yr old started with Carol. I pretty much thought I was toast, especially since I had a horrible, horrible loss on Thursday in a practice match. We shall not talk of it. I still lost, 5-8 (8 game pro-sets), but it was probably one of the best matches I've played in singles...EVER. Next up was the 15 year old, and I went up 5-1!!! She was pretty much dumping everything into the net, and made it pretty easy for me, though I had a game plan, and was trying my *best* to stick to it. And then, predictably, the wheels came off, and I lost 6-8. To say I was a bit tuckered and ****ed off was an understatement. I was even questioned to whether or not I tanked the match! My gosh, I'm so desperate for a singles win, plus Topaz does not Tank! Topaz may wig out (sure) and totally melt down (no problem), but Topaz does not Tank!

Next up was doubles, round robins again, only there were four teams in each group. My partner and I won our first one 8-3, though it felt tougher than that. Our opponents were two lovely Japanese ladies who were pretty fearless and pretty fast around the court. Next one we also won 8-3, pretty routine. Next up were two ladies that I knew from a tournament I played over the summer, and I knew at least one of them would be super tough (especially when I noticed her racquet of choice was an APDC! ). Sure enough, it was a nail biter, but we took it in a tie-break, 8-7 (8-6).

I was pretty tired last night!

So, we advanced to the single elimination semis today, and came out really strong against a very spunky gal and a super accurate lobber. They fought back, it was very tight, and once again, we won the tie break 8-7 (7-4).

That put us in the final against one of my *other* doubles partners 'Mashona' and her partner 'Y' (who I partnered with last time we had this tournament in doubles, and we lost in the final to the 19 yr old and her younger sister). So, yes, that means I have, at one point or another, partnered each person on that court! Again, my partner and I came roaring out, taking a 3-0 lead by exploiting and kind of luring the other two into overhitting and making errors. We just tried to play solid, high percentage doubles. Then, Mashona decided she was going to take the net, and let me tell you, Mashona hits *hard*. As hard as many guys I know. Y was still making errors and at least giving up some easy put away balls when we pushed her deep, but Mashona is also a former sprinter, and ran down at least five would be winners. They fought back, and eventually took the title at 8-5.

So, I know have two completely identical women's advanced doubles 2008 finalist trophies. *scratching head* Yes, I think we got leftover trophies!

Sup also ran another great clinic this morning...not sure why you guys aren't just sucking it up, setting your alarm, and coming out and playing! Oh well, more room for me and my mixed team (and trust me, we neeeeed it!). Well, except for the wookie. He's our ringer!
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