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Originally Posted by blackfrido View Post
this is very interesting!
who really cares about Hewitt's new racket, or Djokovic's new racket?
I'm sure there are some others interested on this post.
thanks for posting!
Your welcome! I think Stepanek may be the first pro to use a Bosworth on the ATP tour, unless someone played with one long ago.

Also, I think this development leads to a bigger question. I am sure Stepanek and his management attempted to sign with one of the larger companies, and for whatever reason, terms could were not agreed upon and Stepanek was left without a racket sponsor.

Hence, Stepanek is using a Bosworth. I have nothing against Bosworth, but we all know that 99% of top 100 players are sponsored by more well known companies.

Stepanek then, is the only man in the top 100 without a major racket sponsor. Why?

If Stepanek likes Bosworth, that's awesome, its quite good advertising for the company.
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