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happy b-day topeezy. if sup did a better job recruiting ladies in the sausage fest we call the TWMAC we'd have more people to pick on. instead by default we have to pick on you. aww bummer. the good news is that the YOTW is over and we can go on with returning order to the universe.

#1 on my list of returning everything to the natural order is taking down all the fools who wanna wear the TFM crown. so JRstreaker, hollywood, raiden, topaz, JRK, vitaly, Schmad, ferris bueller, bert and ernie -- set it up. you'll never see me any fatter and slower and dead sexier than i am now. i don't even have racquets. don't matter. my new year's resolution is to chew bubble gum and kick azz. and i'm fresh out of bubble gum.

i got baby boy coming any week now. wife weighs about as much as a volkswagen beetle. i'm scheduled to get snip snipped. i haven't had enough coffee today. i still think auzzie and i got jobbed by bad calls in the santa bowl. i got a house full of refugees. someone keeps eating my dark chocolate that i hide. and i'm ornery as heck.

sup - buy me a beer. oh and i think you are calling my old phone. new number. email me.
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