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because the guy can't have everything!!! dang, he lands a major racquet deal AND hingis and vaidisova??????? sorry, but that is more than one guy deserves!
radek.. what a strange dude he seems to be.. jsut kiddin, saw him once on Eurosport ( like Espn in Europe) being interviewed by the cutie former pro Barbara Schett (Barb, if you read this , call me soon..) He was actually a funny laughing goof of a dude but not a nitwit. remembeknows he got like 6 questions on tennis history and did well with his answers .. he knew of past players and stuff ..

God, if that's what it takes to attract cuties that can also play good tennis, I'll have the botox and I'll play with a funny-shaped blue racket (reminds me of viag*a - add that to the shopping list!!)
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