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Vitaly Evchenkov
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i woke up feeling horrible.. so i stayed in bed til now.
ugh. fark the winter and fark the rain.

sorry i can't make it today supper.

p.s. - i posted pictures of my "glorious" microgel mids.. time for TFM to check it out!

p.s.s. - hey lamar latrell with the help of his friends won the javelin just like with the help of twmac my serve occassionally kicks!

p.s.s.s. - the drinking thing reminds me of Johnny Fever on WKRP... too old for most of you kids, but they were trying to prove that drinking messes you up so they set up a test for him to drink and hit a buzzer in some test. but he kept getting faster... wish i could find it on youtube or something.. bah.
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