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Originally Posted by auzzieizm View Post
How did the video and tennis go?? (jealous)
Full hour of groundstrokes - from every video angle.

Things we learned from just looking at the raw footage:

1) Shcmad hits with a flat trajectory
2) TheJRK works the camera like there is some hidden secret from his past. Wonder why he kept saying: "bum chiccy bow bow"
3) PP was not happy with the footage.

Seriously a lot of fun and they will get a ton out of it. Every possible angle ot see what you are doing right and what you can improve on. I have a great software im testing out that can put side to side comparison with a pro, look at your stroke mechanics *ala golf swing*, and break down your motion in slow mo.

You missed a lot Auzzie. Sorry bud.

P.S We also got some serves, so you can marvel at TheJRK and PP's boomers and dfs.

P.S.S. We played 1/2 hour of king of the hill and I dominated for 20 minutes. I couldn't let PP strut his stuff too much. Not in my house.
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