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Fun little session today (thanks Sup)... nothing like bailing on work and playing tennis for 2 hours.

It's very interesting to see oneself on video, especially up close. Peeps should check out the video if you want to see TheJRK's old topspin forehand. Speaking of topspin, after seeing the video (in slow motion)...

I must concur that Shcmad hits an extremely flat ball. His racket starts at chest height and ends at chest height... picture someone doing a hula-hoop, but with a tennis racket. He still cranks the ball though. He also does a little wave with his racket at the end of the swing on his backhand.

I must also concur that PP serves a lot harder than me... it even sounds harder. The ball seems to go straight down, like a spike in volleyball, it's insane.

Also, the camera adds 15 lbs...

Wouldn't you know it... my damn shoes were delivered at 12:15 pm today.

**Edit 2**
I was starving after leaving Skyline so I dipped over to Harris Teeter to grab a few things... $300 dollars later. Never grocery shop when you are hungry.

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