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The quality of the match wasn't that good to be honest. I saw Sampras missed his trademark overhead twice, when he usually missed that once or twice a year. His volleys were horrible throughout most of the match, and he blew his chances quite a few times. Federer on the other hand, was sloppy at times. I'd say the exhibition match they played in Asia is better in terms of quality.
This match is in the vein of Becker (85 Wimbledon), Edberg (85 Aus Open), Chang (89 French Open), Sampras (90 US Open) and Safin (00 US Open) except that Federer didn't go on to win the title.

Federer like the above players played beyond his years, and while Sampras was beyond his best years, he still played well. Stats are blown out of the proprtion, like Pete's 1st serve %. He held routinely through the 1st set, and Roger was aided by a net cord in the tie break. T

In the 2nd set, was where Roger really returned well, but Sampras came up with the goods to to save numerous break pts and hold, and then steal the set. Sampras all but gave the 3rd set away, being broken twice in that set. How often does that happen. He missed makeable volleys, double faulted a few times in the games he was broken, and missed an overhead to hand Roger the set.

Federer kept up his stellar play, but from that point he did not see another until the last game of the match, where Sampras missed 2 volleys he'd normaly make. Not to mention the sitting pass at break point at 4-4 in the 5th that Pete hit right back to him. Thugh credit has to be given to Roger cuz he kept his level of play up.
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