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I've only been to Newks of the three. I went for a weekend.

The players were generally in the 3.0-4.0 range. My brother (who played college and opens for a while) didn't really find a challenge among the players, but fortunately many of the coaches were willing to hit with him. He didn't really care, he was just there to hang out with his buds and drink some beer.

Unfortunately, we showed up on a weekend when they had - get this - rented many of the rooms out to a women's church group. So the number of tennis players was like 1/4 of the usual. I wish they'd told me that when I made the reservation, because that probably had something to do with the paucity of 4.5+ players that weekend (I've heard that usually there are a handful).

But even so, the tennis players had a great time at the bar in the evenings and during meals. On the first night, after some round robin doubles, the coaches brought out a cooler and handed me a beer. Nice! Regrettably, the women's church group remained on its best behavior. Personally, I think an evening at the bar would be a great way to unwind after a day of... well, whatever women's church groups do during retreats. But alas, there were no takers.

As for accommodations... well, there is a small pool, and the rooms are comfortable but very basic. It's definitely not the kind of resort you'd just want to hang out at - and a non-tennis playing spouse wouldn't dig it. Personally, I'm there for the tennis anyway, and cucumber-infused water court side with lemon-scented towels actually gets on my nerves, especially when it's used to justify prices that are three times higher (or worse). I care about good facilities of course - and Newks has fine courts (including a few indoor). Once that's covered, I don't need much else.

I'll definitely go back to Newks, but next time I make a reservation, I am going to check to make sure there isn't a non-tennis playing group that has rented out the facility.

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