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Originally Posted by 1st Seed View Post
Will, does your clutch have a clicking mechanisim?.My machine does'nt make a sound.Is this normal?

Came this morning,well packaged like you said.No shipping scars at all.Assembly took 5min.Very well built.My gripper is workin fine.The hip hop has to be seen to be truly appreciated.Tonight when I hit I'm swinging for the fences,Never thought I'd be happy when strings go, but now i'm looking forward to

Clamps are good quality easy o/c no sticking.Now I only need your Husky tool box to complete the set.
ps/looks nice up there!

Mine doesn't make the clicking noise either which is a good thing IMO. I would string an old racquet first if you have one because you might mess up a cross or a knot and it would be better for it not to be your real racquet. (I did both but fixed it by the second time) The Tool box is perfect for the machine and I love it the problem is that I have no idea where it came from. My dad has had it for a few years now and it still has most of his tools in it. However I did see some similar models at sears that I would suggest taking a look at.
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