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Originally Posted by RestockingTues View Post
Your friends wouldn't be considered black.

I know a black tennis player. Before he graduated from his high school with a GPA over 4.0, he was a monster athlete, constantly training, doing cross country in the fall, soccer in the winter, and tennis in the spring, all of which he did varsity during his his last three years of school. At the moment, he's going to Berkeley, majoring in computer science.

I'm not hating, but I don't consider you or your friends to be black. Just from the way you write, my first impression of you is that of some urban, inner-city, ghetto gang banging trash.

Prove me wrong.
that black tennis player you know got nothing to do with me. why you telling me about some guy like that. i AM black, just my mom is white. i live in d.c. i dont have many people to hit with. that is why i play against the wall. i hit sometimes with my hommies, but they bballin and all that, so they dont know how to hit. i need some better guys do hit with. i'm so good. i know i am. my parents care jack and i use racquet i bought with my own cash from target. i gotta play with balls chewed up by my dog so it aint easy but i wanna how far tennis will take me.
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