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Having recently polarized my MG mid, I may never go back to a frame that is less than 12.6 oz with a 360g swingweight. The stability, plow through, control and weight of shot make tennis much more enjoyable for me, and after a few hours my body feels just fine with the adjustment. So much so that I've leaded up an LMP mid to try out today.

Others on these boards-- travelrajm, jollyrodger, and cc to name a few-- have written persuasively about their experiences with modifying frames and using heavier sticks. Some detractors seem to think that we're nuts and that this is not "scientific." That's fine with me. They can keep playing with whatever they like.

There are good reasons why the vast majority of pros lead up their frames. It's not some sort of religion or illogical belief system. They go by what works and by what feels good to them, and so should we.

So anybody else in? Here's what I'm thinking for Club "requirements":

Frame swingweight (pre or post customization): at least 355g

THAT'S IT. I can't think of any others. Let me know if you can. In the meanwhile, note your frame, it's head size, it's stock weight and SW, and how you customized it (if you did) and the final swingweight


1. HarryZ: Head MGPM 93 sq in (89.5) stock 12.2oz, SW 328, polarized, >365g
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